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A Reflection on Our Service of the Longest Night

A Reflection on Our Service of the Longest Night

For some, Christmas can be a reminder of all the loss that they’ve had to endure through the year. Or even a loss that occurred years ago that still causes great heartache. On December 21st a small group of people gathered in the Guest House Chapel to observe the Service of the Longest Night, hosted by Abbey Caskets.

Led by Fr. Adrian Burke, it was a time to reflect and pray over the difficult losses felt by everyone present. The message was clear, we have all suffered, just as Christ suffered, God’s only Son. And we will come away from our loss transformed by our grief, into a different person, a changed person.

Part of the service was a candle-lighting ceremony, where guests could light a candle in memory of a loved one. The candles were then taken home by the guests so they could continue to keep vigil each day and use it as a way to slowly release their grief.

We heard from many there that they really appreciated the service. The service gave them a reason to cry and grieve among others who knew the pain and loss they shared.

A light reception followed in the Guest House dining room, where we could gather and share stories about loved ones.

It was a peaceful and transforming service that Abbey Caskets plans to continue in years to come.



  1. My mother passed away in the early hours of that morning, and that afternoon, we ordered one of your beautiful walnut caskets for her. Mom’s family was part of the Maryland Catholic migration that moved through Nelson County, Kentucky, toward Owensboro and across the river to areas near St. Meinrad. She was a genealogist and the walnut trees that grew on the family farm in Breckinridge County were very special to her. It was a truly lovely, dignified final vessel for my mother’s earthly remains.

    • Thank you, Mary. Know that your mother and family continue to be in our prayers. May you find peace in your memories of you mother and strength with God our Father.

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